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50 Architects You Should Know - #4 Marion Mahony Griffin

Updated: May 4, 2021

The fact that women have been contributing to history for decades, but not given the credit, instead their accomplishments given to the nearest man, is a real sad part of our history. Mainly because, 'how could a women ever possibly be better than a man?' (insert eye roll emoji here) Or worse, 'anything a woman accomplished couldn't have been possible without a man by her side'. (insert double eye roll emojis here) The reality is, that throughout history, men have gotten where they have, on the shoulders of women... Case and point, Frank Lloyd Wright, never held a degree in architecture, let alone a licensed architect, but you know who was a licensed architect and the first employee he hired... you guessed it Marion! Her renders were the driving force of his popularity. Click on the video below to learn all about Marion and her wonderful accomplishments.



I hope you enjoyed learning about Marion and stay tuned for the next installment of the 50 Architects You Should Know - Women Edition!

Much love,



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