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The 50 Architects You Should Know... Women Edition!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I was just minding my own business, trying to kill some time while waiting for a client meeting. I was browsing the Architecture section in Barnes and Noble, when I came across what looked to be a very cool book... 'The 50 Architects You Should Know'. Enthusiastically, I began to page the book, first on the list, a man, second a man, third a man... Finally, the 49th Architect listed was Zaha Hadid, the one and only woman architect listed out of 50. What?! That couldn't be right... There are so many women worthy of a mention. So many women that have done great bodies of work, women that have propelled this very male-dominated industry forward. I felt that dis, yall! I had all the feels, but I couldn't scream inside Barnes and Noble, not without getting kicked out anyway. So, I just sat there, raging quietly and running through the list of all the amazing women I know have done amazing things in this field. So, I figured I should do something about this...

I am nothing if not a doer... a fixer... a corrector of wrongs... so thats what Im setting out to do! I am going to highlight one woman in Architecture or Construction a day, because it's time that we get the recognition we deserve!

Click on the video below to check out what started this movement...



Keep an eye out for the weekly videos, I will post them on our IG, FB, PT and the YouTube link here on our blog (above)... I hope you enjoy and please comment and let me know what you think, send me recommendations of women I should showcase or correct my awful pronunciations... I won't be offended! I know they're terrible!

Make good choices and go look at something pretty today, because you deserve it!

Much Love,



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